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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  March 23, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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of merck combing in and winning a case. i'd be a buyer at 93 bucks. >> karen in. >> foot locker, let it shake out a little and buy under 63. >> b.k.? >> sell financials and good luck, my mission is simple. to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere. i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends. i'm just trying to save you some money. my job isn't just to entertain but to keech and coach you. call me at 1-800-743-cnbc. or tweet me @jimcramer. sometimes, sometimes it just comes down to figuring out who has pricing power, who can raise prices and who can't. ever since this market bottomed
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the second week of february we have seen this phenomenon play out and today was no different even as the dow did slip 80 points s&p declined 8.4%. nasdaq lost 1.1%. [ sell, sell, sell ] >> it was up yesterday. what do i mean pricing power? i'm talking about a company's ability to raise price on its goods and not meet any resistance when it does. the ones that can have stocks that bounce back quickly from market-wide turmoil or they hang in like champs. the ones that can't, they don't come back. or they fall behind when the market bounces because their earnings per share numbers are in jeopardy. who has it? all right. the market was down. many stocks consolidated gains we have had over the last couple of weeks in a way that showed me the companies underneath can with stand promotional and discounted pricing. take apple.
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[ bull bellowing ] one of the reasons i say own it, don't trade it. [ buzzer ] is because am has the ultimate in pricing pou. i get tired of wall street flitting in and out of the stock. some sort of rental car you use for a couple of dayings and dump at the garage. apple unveiled a smaller iphone with special features with cachet that captures what an entire aspirational cohort in emerging markets seems to want. i think those who sold am on this announcement and many did, didn't understand the signature positive of the new phone. even though it's smaller apple can command a high price for its wears. $399 ain't cheap. there is no pricing pressure because the products are regarded as the finest in the industry and it has an eco-system that generates $30 billion in revenues a year. if you already have one you are probably paying for apps and services. i doubt you will think twice about forking over the money.
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you're part of the eco-system yourself. apple's pricing power is legion among the strongest i have seen. alphabet and facebook have power too. the search function and profiles are the two best places to reach people, particularly millennials where you get them early in a digitized worl world. can they charge what they want? i don't know. maybe there is a ceiling but for fr the looks of gross margins which are the best judge of things it's not clear to me. jack moore research director of the newsletter for 34i charitable trust called action owners, he and i held a conference call with hundreds of members today. i found myself talking about how many investors think the stock of facebook is expensive and needs to be sold. however, if you go out until 2018 where i think the company could earn as much as $6 a share, it its all-time high reached today, pricing power of
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$117 doesn't seem that nutty. you pay slightly more than what the average stock sells for now for a company with an amazing earnings stream not challenged by pricing pressure. normally with any company we talk about on "mad money." think about what can go wrong between now and 2018. facebook has pricing power because it doesn't have much competition, if it has any at all. that makes the 2018 number more likely to come true. who else? i hate to say it but tobacco has pricing power. they would break out the all time highs here and now. you can think pricing power for stocks is what's doing it. thank pricing power. these are pretty fixed markets. you can't advertise here if you make cigarettes. you won't take share from anybody. stay static and print money. let's talk about who doesn't have pricing power. on a down day you can really see
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that action at work. minerals commodities were down but today oil fell more than it has on any day since the bottom of february 11. down to $39.72. do you know why that is? because at the $40 level a ton of oil companies are coming in and selling oil futures to raise cash so they can pay the bills. the oil companies have no pricing power whatsoever. until the recent glut there was a market the supply could barely keep up. the united states harnessed new technology, produced more oil than anybody thought was possible, just a few years ago and a glut developed, exacerbated by saudi arabia's decision to lower prices by flooding the world with oil. in order to drive the marginal producers in this country out of business and frustrate iran's attempts to develop new oil fields. the oil glut turned these stocks into punching bags. and every time they run up i
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think you will get a good chance to [ sell, sell, sell ] . this is my lower longer thesis at bourque. the companies are desperate to pump crude so it's self-defeating. do you know what else has no pricing ability here? can't raise prices, has to keep cutting them. quick serve. last night krispy kreme reported a disappointing quarter. why? management said the requirement is too promotional. we are talking about coffee and doughnuts. this is what we heard from jack in the box and popeye's and dunkin donuts. they can't raise prices and there is pricing pressure town. why not? one word. mcdonald's. because of mcdonald's which is pretty much declared a price war against the entire industry with value propositions that can only be done by a low cost producer
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which mcdonald's is. you can't compete on price and not expect to get your stock clobbered. what else? the airlines are a group that there could be short-term price pressure because of recent additions and the dressage di in brussels. it could be short lived because travel will bounce back. the reason the airlines sell cheaply versus earnings is a perceived lack of pricing power in the future given that the dollar got stronger, something i believe is an aberration. i feel lonely with that position. the power to charge more for foreign travellers will diminish if the trend continues. finally, consider the group that once seemed to have the ultimate pricing powerle. but now is regarded as being one step away from a price war at any moment. i'm talking about the drug stocks. gilead is a cure, not maintenance. but a cure for hepatitis c that's raked in $20 billion in
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sales in a couple of years. perhaps the greatest launch of all time. today gilead stock fell almost 4%. why? america won a patent infringement case against gilead. more of the count for the fall is the stock market recognizes gilead will lose pricing power for the $84,000 a year drug. if gilead loses that pricing power the stock will go lower and it is down 11% for the year. the drug complex has come down as people fear that punitive presidential candidates donald trump and hillary clinton will use the government's bargaining power to negotiate -- that's the key word. negotiate with the drug companies for medicare. negotiate the code for what could amount to almost total loss of pricing power for a
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group that used to command it for years. here's the bottom line. don't forget this battle over price define as lot of individual stock action and that the stock with pricing power bounced back faster after yesterday and those that don't, they are destined to trade water or go lower when the tide goes out. curtis in north carolina. curtis. >> caller: hello, jim. thanks for taking my call. today i would like to say congratulations on 11 years of "mad money." outstanding, jim. >> thank you, curtis. do i owe my starbucks card to you? >> caller: yes, sir. >> thank you very much. sent me a cup of coffee. >> caller: outstanding, man. listen, in contention for the upcoming contract for the u.s. armed forces. >> i know this stock. i'm going to use the term unfortunately but smith & wesson is going up a great deal. it goes up on every terrorist incident. that's driving the stock. it's not cheap, but i recognize
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that it is something that works in these situations. let's go to mike until new york. michael. >> caller: hey, jim. thanks for taking my call. two-part question regarding the cyber security industry and in particular fire eye. >> right. >> caller: i started watching the company after the target breach. i heard the company provided software that target ignored the alert. tried to avoid a falling knife, was going to wait for year end tax loss selling. picked up some stock around $13. >> nice going. >> caller: moved up nicely. i have seen option volume. i wanted your thoughts on the industry and a possible -- >> we are best of breed people. visa, malo alto and for spec, cyber tech. fireeye, people want it for a take over. i don't like it when i think the earnings are uncertain and the earnings are uncertain for
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fireeye. owen in new york. owen. j >> caller: boo-yah, big jim. this is owen from brooklyn, new york. >> i want to stop by and knock back a few at bar san miguel. >> caller: dwiter. do you think we are headed for a take over? will investors profit from twitter? do you buy, sell or hold? >> twitter is a conundrum for me. i have a small piece for my charitable trust. it's not growing. we like stocks of companies that can grow. if you can't grow, your stock is stuck. they have to find growth or it is not going higher. it is going lower. it's a price war. that's what's playing out among individual stocks. you saw the action today. those with power bounce back the fastest. those who didn't got crushed today. "mad money" tonight, catch the move if you can. tonight i will focus on retail re-evaluations happening before your eyes and the company is
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onto some of fashion's biggest brands. tonight i have pvh's ceo as the stock moves after earnings. with march madness in full swing, i'm giving you my elite 8 leaders of the business world. stick with cramer! >> announcer: coming up -- >> everyone told me when i said i had you ask why nfl players go broke all the time. >> announcer: cramer is on the field with philadelphia eagles brent sellick just ahead. >> announcer: don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jimcramer on twitter. have a question? tweet cramer, #madtweets. send jim an e-mail to or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc. miss something? head to
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we need to be ready for whatever weather may come our way. my name's scott strenfel and i'm a meteorologist at pg&e. we make sure that our crews as well as our customers are prepared to how weather may impact their energy. so every single day we're monitoring the weather, and when storm events arise our forecast get crews out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages. during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepad at together, we're building a better california. here's something amazing. buyers and sellers are making decisions at lightning speed these days. then they are undoing those decisions within hours.
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instead of the way things used to work. it would have taken days or weeks for people to change their minds. take the tragedy in brussels. initially the stock market collapsed on the news. slowly segmentsf the market that had nothing do with terror or couldn't be connected to it started coming back led by health care, particularly pharmaceuticals, then tech and domestic utilities. even international growth stocks turned. by the end of yesterday the nasdaq finished up and only the travel and leisure stocks stayed down. that's remarkable. in the old days i could see the sell decisions undone and reversed maybe a week later once the coast had cleared. now it takes just hours, almost as if there is an algorithm, a machine, a watson saying, okay, this is the average decline after these terrible events for these particular sectors. time to pounce because they will
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be higher in a week anyway. logical. the reversal was breath taking in speed and recalibration. anyway ke was in free fall last night and this morning. it failed to hit high bars after a remarkable run. i went over the quarter and i liked what i saw. sure north america was up 14%. how could you be unhappy with western europe in 12% or china up 27%. maybe the futures orders which are often a predictor of the future weren't perfect. yes, under armour's choice of stef curry may have cut into lebron or jordan's sales. adidas might be back in the game. there was more inventory than i would like to see. the stock had run from $58 to knot of $64 going into the report. had $107 billion in market cap. anyway ke is normally like a
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battleship. hard to turn around. down to a couple dollars and maybe in a few days time. this time, intraday took hours. people realized perhaps anyway ke is one of the best plays on china if not the best in the world. you want to own anyway ke in the olympics. the stock going into the close. i regard it as remarkable. swan to ugly duckling ambassador back to swan in about 15 hours' time. it as well as the rest of the market came for profit taking at the end of the day. i'm always looking to play the emerging dollar store trend. we liked dollar general for ages. i thought i might have had a new one in five fwe low. with improving gross margins. well distributioned system that was the bane of quarterly earnings. the stock was up more than 20% going into today. when 5 below didn't shoot the lights out. that's the same store sales lights it was crushed at the get-go. buyers reevaluated on the top.
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again we got a pivot higher than a different market never would have taken place after a couple of upgrades over two or three days it could have happened. the stock traveled from down $2.50 to up in record speed. suffice it to say the revaluations on the fly are something new to watch for. you may be thinking to take the bait of the first leg down rather than waiting around a few days for a turn. this market says stick around. the truth will out faster than you think. faster than i have ever seen. a brand new trait of the remarkable year that's 2016. much more "mad money" ahead. don't put all your eggs in one bracket with march madness in full swing, i will show you a better way to make it rain when i unveil the wall street players that can elevate your game. from call vain to tommy to van heusen can pvh remain the star
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of the run way? i have the exclusive of the ceo fresh off earnings. and fly eagles, fly. tonight philadelphia's own brent sellick to look at his entrepreneurial side. so stick with cramer.
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march madness is in full
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swing and by this friday the initial field of 68 teams will be whittled down to the elite 8. with bracketology on the mind it's worth asking who are the elite eight ceos, the executives who put their companies in the best position to win for you now. i'm talking about truly bankable people like those i outlined in "get rich carefully" who can make a difference to their enterprise in bad times as well as ones everybody else can do in the good times. i'm talking about my heroes here. i will roll out the list in two parts today and tomorrow. it is a mix of the old guard like coach k. at duke or williams at north carolina and new faces along the lines of jay wright at villa nova or bennett at uva. who are the members of elite 8? the long time ceo of honeywell running with a terrific conglomerate since july of 2002. since he took over honeywell is up 220%, more than double the
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performance of the s&p 500 over the same period. reclently up 8% while the rest of the market is basically flat. while the outperformance of the stock speaks for itself the real genius of cody has been savvy break ups, general pivots to the lucrative end markets to keep honeywell relevant in a rapidly changing environment that's befuddled many of their historical competitors. when he took over in 2002 honeywell was in disarray after a take over bid from general electric was blocked by regulators. the company was strong in aerospace, controlled technologies but it was unfocused thanks to mergers with businesses from auto parts, specialty chem. calls, fiebs, advanced materials. cody transformed the portfolio making 80 acquisitions and divesting 60 different businesses in order to rebalance the company. at the same time he refocused
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the company on internal development. that's what cody calls seed planting. we have seen it when he walked the floor. honey well can come up with innovations rather than needing to acquire them. he took a page from the soviet union talking about five-year plans. he blows them away. i think dave cody is what all ceos should aspire to. he honed the business, turned it into an industrial power house with exposure to end markets. even though he was rebuffed when he tried to acquire united technologies last month he isn't slowing down which is why i think hop honeywell makes a fantastic new holding. next, steve easterbrook who took over as ceo of mcdonald's sliektly more than a year ago. he may be a rookie but anyone who owns shares in the golden arches knows he belongs on the-. the company had stag nalted and the stock was range bound stuck
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between 85 and 110 for the previous four years. yet since he came in march 1 of 2015 mcdonald's rallied 24%. climbing to 124, crushing the s&p 500 which is down 4% over the period. that's leadership. before taking over the business easterbrook was the head of mcdonald's in the uk and europe. became the chief brand officer in 2013. he was a consummate turn around artist. ever since he became ceo he pulled off one of the greatest terms i have seen. first the franchisees were on terd board. then he transformed the menu including the introduction of all day breakfast which is a huge hit. people have been longing to eat egg mcmuffins for ages at any time of day. even though turn arounds can take years his actions have produced fabulous results now with mcdonald's same store sales positive for the first time in ages now accelerating t. stock has more room to run.
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people think it peaked but that's wrong. made a new high today. his value-oriented moves are disrupting the industry bringing new customers in by the droves. how about another seasoned veteran? here's one we haven't talked about enough, g.e.'s geoff immelt. he took over in 2001. the share price was obliterated from the financial crisis. he's doing an amazing job. witness the 22% gain in ge over the last year. averages left in the dust. what makes him good? first of all he's steered the company through multiple crises. he took over a week before september 11 which was tough because ge has a big insurance business and a major aircraft engine operation which were hit hard by the tragedy. then he went through the financial crisis. ge's largest business was
6:28 pm
demand. he has transformed general electric with noncore businesses, got big into oil and gas from 2007 to 2010. many years before the peak. his important rule is all of ge's financial businesses. that's why the stock is roaring. it's not both having that expo sure. it brings government oversight with it. too unpredictable. the asset sales are almost over. immelt is well on his way to turning ge back oh into the industry tral power house and with growth companies a fraction of ge's size would kill more. even though ge made a new high today, i think the stock could have a lot more room to run t. current transformation including a remarkable digital component has barely gotten started. how about the fourth member of mad money's elite 8? microsoft's sasha nidella who took over in 2014 and turned it around in a major way.
6:29 pm
the stock is up 48% since then. crossing the 15% gain in the s&p 50 oh over the same period n. a short time he's taken a lumbering tech titan and turned it into a company with eyes on the sky or specifically the cloud. results, spectacular. before he came around microsoft was viewed as a necessary evil with the windows, outlook, word. it was like a greyhound bus. it was what everybody had to use. while this were bright spots like xbox, mr. softie, it was increasingly irrelevant. then nadella took over. not only is he laser focused on turning microsoft into a growth business with a huge cloud business at the same time this past summer he launched windows 10, the best version in ages. he's boosted the revenue more than 25%, engaged in large scale buy backs and i can't believe i
6:30 pm
will say this. he made microsoft cool. i would have said it was impossible two years ago. satya is a cool guy with the black t-shirt thing. i should sport that. this shirt is baggy. the pants are. hey, i lost weight. cleanse. put it together and see why the stock is up since nadella took the helm. it could have more room to run. here's the bottom line. it takes a great team to get into the elite 8. many companies have phenomenal teach chief executives so we have created the elite 8 list of ceos including honeywell, mcdonald's, general electric and microsoft. four more great leaders and bankable coaches to be named tomorrow. ralph in virginia. ralph. >> caller: boo-yah, jim. >> boo-yah. >> caller: electronic arts, ea.
6:31 pm
monday's supreme court decision to allow the nfl players to proceed with damages for unauthorized use of their images. is this just another ripple in the investment pool or -- >> i don't know. it's funny. >> caller: back for a long term investment. >> it had a great run. it didn't report a great quarter. activision had a great quarter. we have been supporting take 2. it had a consistent business. now they have outperformed but not lately. i think take 2 is the lesser risk play in the group. i say we stick with my home state. jay in new jersey, jay. >> caller: hey, jim. how are you? >> doing well. >> caller: i'm good. i many question is about the stock in the fourth quarter earnings. and also topping street view. the stock price is in the 40 to 50 dollar price range for a while. i have a question of the stock
6:32 pm
in my portfolio now. should i buy, hold or sell? >> the company is doing well. i think there is a funk in retail and people are negative in general. i think planet fitness is doing a good job and makes a lot of money. i am surprised it has not performed better given the fact the fundamentals are good. bill in florida, bill. >> caller: hey, jim. >> hey, bill. >> caller: this is bill. yes. i had a question about cracker barrel, jim. i have owned it for three plus years. i have a price appreciation of over 136% possibly due to the prices in oil dropping. now with oil going up, what will be the impact? >> this is a great point. gasoline is going up in the last few weeks. people are presuming if oil peaked and is done going down cracker barrel has peaked.
6:33 pm
i think you hold on. oil will stay lower longer. no need to trade it. congratulations on the great game. you bought it right. management matters, people. that's what these companies have in common. i'm calling them the elite 8. well, ncaa. much more "mad money" ahead. is pvh still in fashion or should you shop for a better deal? i have the earnings exclusive with the ceo and brent celek is stepping away from the field into the world of business. you will meet my exclusive with the top tight end and your calls rapid fire in tonight's edition of the lightning round. oh remotes, you've had it tough.
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pvh is a stock that was nearly cut in half from 120 last summer down to 64 just two months ago. since bottoming late in january it's been roaring higher climbing up to 87 today at the close. a remarkable move although you could argue the stock never should have been that low. people got too negative. we need to ask ourselves if pvh can keep running. the company reported after the close and delivered a six cent earnings bead with higher than expected revenues. #% on a currency basis. numbers stronger than the bullish preannouncement in february that would have let you believe it is astonishing and management was cautiousith the full year guidance for 2016 with big international business and they expect the strong dollar to take a bite out of earnings.
6:38 pm
it could be terrific to own especially if you believele as i do that the dollar has peaked and could get weaker. let's take a look with the chairman and ceo to find out more about the quarter and the company's prospects. welcome back to "mad money." >> hi, jim. >> have a seat. >> many people are cheering the quarter. one of the reasons you have to is this number is astounding. how could you do 21%? >> it's performing well. we have tremendous marketing campaigns around and the product is living up to it. across the board but underwear is leading the charge. both men's underwear and women's inlt mat apparel is driving the business. >> explain to me the success here versus a category that people felt has become challenged. what does calvin klein have in the right part of apparel versus
6:39 pm
victoria secret, too. these numbers, no one else has. >> there are a couple of things going on. the apparel space is challenged. a much bigger international platform. we are seeing strong performance in china, strong performance throughout europe. in particular. our u.s. business just continues to grow in really a difficult environment, particularly in the fourth quarter of last year. you are unhappy with the way you were deliberating calvin klein. >> right after the acquisition we took back jeans and underwear. we turned that business inside out. not just around. >> right. >> we changed the distribution, changed the customer base. it's really starting to pay off.
6:40 pm
>> you have good numbers. china for the joint venture. how good can it be? >> to put it in perspective. the calvin klein business is $275 million in china. tommy has less than half of that. over $500 million each. that market is growing. that consumer continues to spend. we are well positioned there. both brands are well received by the consumer. >> okay. so you're bricking down debt. $300 million back. buying back stock and expanding your square footage of company owned stores. how sit you have generating that much cash flow to do those things. >> sure. the model here particularly for calvin and tommy but the
6:41 pm
heritage businesses are very cash flow positive. they don't require a tremendous amount of capital investment except to build out stores which usually have a pay back of anywhere from a year to two. >> that fast. >> that fast. particularly the company stores. >> i didn't know that. >> even the fancy ones? >> those are the flagships. not much pay back on those. they are marketing investments. >> can i read anything through to the department stores? i know jcpenney had a good quarter. that must be one of the stand outs. >> yes, izod and van heusen. kohl's is strong as well. >> it is strong. >> we'll see how it progresses. in the u.s. the calvin business at macy's has been phenomenal. driven both by the women's portion as well as the men's portion.
6:42 pm
>> you are not doing that well. must be the stand out category now. >> they are the premier department store in america. they are clear ly with sbempbl issues. they will clearly put that back on track. >> all raw costs are good? >> yeah. raw costs are very good. the challenge for us in that area is the strengthening u.s. dollar particularly on our foreign businesses. >> we have to take one tough question. obviously brussels. some companies shut down for a while. when you have a terror attack, what does it mean? you're a businessman. you have to deal with business and what does it mean?
6:43 pm
>>. >> first of all, europe for us is our second largest region beside it is united states. we've got very strong businesses in that part of the world. i think you have to just realize you have to deal through volatility and uncertainty constantly. >> we wouldn't have felt it a few years ago. >> in what regard? >> this terrorist -- >> absolutely. >> you have to build it into your business model. deal with the uncertainty. between you and me and the time i have known you. you didn't when i met you. >> the world is a changing landscape. the amazing thing is how resilient people are. how they keep getting up. last time i was here we were talking about paris. now three months later we are talking about this. it's beyond me. our teams there just keep moving forward. no one wants anyone to change
6:44 pm
the way we do business, change the way we live our life. we are not going to allow it to happen. >> i want to congratulate you. this is a remarkable turn. you always came on when it was tough. now it's great. you deserve it. chairman and ceo of pvh with trafk quarter. "mad money" is back after the break. >> thank you, jim.
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>> announcer: lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade. it is time. it is time for the lightning round. you say the name of the stock. i don't know the calls or the name of the stock ahead of time. i tell you whether to buy or sell. when you hear this sound -- [ buzzer ] -- then the lightning round is over. are you ready, skee-daddy? time for the lightning round on cramer's "mad money." cath leeb lean. >> caller: yes, my family owned this stock for years. >> i'm surprised it's down this month. intuit is doing a better job and is the one to own not hrb. jerry in florida. >> caller: boo-yah, jim. how you doing? >> real well. how about you?
6:48 pm
>> caller: okay. hey, this stock dropped 40%. came back 15%. i'm talking about it now. >> i don't know. it's not as bad as tableau software. it is a good company. high price growth stock i'm going with sales force or adobe. i feel better about those. michael in georgia. >> caller: how you doing, jim? my stock is chesapeake. chk. >> i have worked with carlton english. did a series of articles that make me feel very negative. [ sell, sell, sell ] [ train wreck ] i think you get the point. bob in pennsylvania, bob. >> caller: b-b-boo-yah. >> excellent stuttering boo-yah. what's going on? >> caller: lyb, please . >> it's good but i will raise you with dow chemical which is better with a really, really
6:49 pm
good growth path with dupont. dorothy in texas. >> caller: yes. this is dorothy in texas. i'm asking about nly. >> dorothy, i don't want you on nly. we want yield and growth. i don't want yield with risk. i will send you to verizon. different industries, very good dividend. leo in new york. leo. >> caller: boo-yah, jim! >> boo-yah. >> caller: how you doing? >> doing well. how about you? >> caller: i'm doing great. we all say what's up. arco. buy, sell, hold? >> no, no. we are not doing that. we have steve easter it is brook up to 130, 140, who knows? that's a better buy. and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the lightning round. >> announcer: the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade.
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tonight we get a treat. we get the chance to hear from one of my favorite players, number 87, brent celek, the tremendous veteran tight end from the philadelphia eagles. unlike many professional athletes celek isn't just a great player. he's also a great businessman. in 2013 an american bistro style in philadelphia.
6:53 pm
not far from where my father used to live. that franchise is its own food truck service for events and celek signed a lease at the bell view which if you are from philadelphia you know is fabulous on broad street in philly to open up a korean small plate bar and restaurant. a man after my own heart. i'm thrilled brent celek of the eagles is here tonight. he exemplifies the entrepreneurial spirit we are celebrating here at cnbc and highlighting with make it. so brent, welcome to "mad money." good to see you. >> nice to see you, jim. >> have a seat. >> thank you. >> unlike a lot of players i met you are not just content taking the paycheck and in the off season doing what you want. you have decided to become a businessman. it's different. most players don't do it. why? >> i think it's tough. the first thing. for me personally the reason i want to be an entrepreneur is to have my own success, make my own
6:54 pm
mistakes, learn. there is a lot in that. you screw up here, there, you learn from it, move on, get better. you know, you make your own money. >> what if n your background as a football player made it so you have success in the restaurant business? >> being on a team, teamwork is big in any organization. in the restaurant business having everyone work well together, i think, is big. so i think that really helps translate. >> everyone told me when i told them i had you ask him why nfl players go broke all the time. >> i think they trust other people with their money. that's why i'm an entrepreneur myself. if i lose it, it's on me. not me blaming anyone else. it's me blaming myself. >> this is a unique partnership you have with the other yan individual. explain how it happened. you have your eagles job. not like you can be behind the bar all the time. >> my chef's name is chino. i met him probably seven years
6:55 pm
ago. every friday night before games i would go to his restaurant and he would cook me food. the relationship grew. we started our first restaurant together. we are going on now to the second. >> i wanted -- i remember there was an initial place on chest nut. >> that was in the same location. >> that was a bar. what made you switch to something a little more -- i think sounds more up scale. the bell view is where i had my senior prom. that's a beautiful place. >> in the restaurant business, to me location is everything. >> right. >> we wanted to move over into, you know, center city. that's right there on broad and walnut. i think that's a great location. you know, a lot more foot traffic. >> when i first met you, you told me, listen, we don't know how long players will be. maybe ten years. maybe the oldest eagle now.
6:56 pm
>> one of the oldest. >> is this what you aspired to, a real estate empire, stocks? i know you are interested in the concept of making money with money. >> i love real estate. that's the biggest thing. the restaurant is kind of a hobby. i love it because i'm friends with the chef. but real estate is where i want to live. >> are you buying places in the philadelphia wrar? >> buying places in philadelphia. we are building town homes to sell in the northern liberties area which is great. >> i love that area. >> i have a builder partner who is wonderful. >> the sburl spirit and you have learned team work. but it sounds like more players should be inspired by your story. >> i hope so. >> i want to be a leader in the area and try to show guys that, listen, you can put the video game controllers down. you can learn other things. >> the super bowl victory, how
6:57 pm
will it be for business? >> business will be booming. >> that's brent celek of the philadelphia eagles. he's making it. i love guys who do well for themselves and aren't just contract players all their lives. one crest 3d white smile... all it takes... turn the tables.
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i like to say there is always a bull market somewhere. i promise to find it for you on "mad money." i'm jim cramer. and i will see you tomorrow. odu, and that's why i'm here.
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